Wedding Planning: How to Choose a Beach Wedding Dress

Superb tips on “How to choose a Beach Wedding Dress” … a blog post written by Erika Hueneke from Destinations Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine … enjoy …

Julie Sabatino, wedding fashion stylist and author of the blog The Stylish Dresser, shares tips for selecting a beach gown.

Complementing the Destination

“After personal style, the venue has the largest influence on the dress you choose.” Select a gown that matches the level of formality — even beach sites can vary from a simple bamboo canopy to a formal seaside gazebo dripping in flowers.

Bahama wedding planning

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Pay close attention to the color of the fabric. “Colors can look very different in the bright sun than they do in a bridal salon. To make sure you’re selecting what you really want, see the gown in natural light before buying.”


When getting married in a warm climate, consider the weight of your wedding dress. “There’s nothing worse than being hot. One hundred percent natural fabrics like silk breathe the most and will keep you the coolest. Things like organza, chiffon and gazar are also great choices for warm weather.”


Planning to boogie down on the sand after the cake is cut? You may want to choose a more streamlined silhouette, as well as a shorter train. “The more volume your dress has, the heavier it will be because of the petticoats underneath. If you have your heart set on a full shape for going down the aisle, plan on having a cocktail-length dress to change into for dancing at the reception.”


When transporting your dress on a plane or a long car ride, take into account how well it will travel. “Some fabrics are more prone to wrinkling than others, so discuss it with the sales associates at the dress salon.” Remember that some materials, such as lace, don’t wrinkle but can pick up debris on the sand.