Weddings in the Bahamas – If there is to be no less a request than Paradise

Weddings in the Bahamas should be like a fairy tale, a unique moment in life. In your dreams, it is somewhere in the world with class. The unspoiled tropical paradise is just that – a heavenly place you’ve always imagined.

Weddings in the Bahamas: Realize your dream 

Weddings in the Bahamas - Paradise

Photo: Reno Curling Photography

It is easy to fall in love with the Islands of the Bahamas. You can choose any of the sixteen main islands as a place for the wedding or honeymoon and you will have the freedom to indulge in your imagination.  Everyone is different.   On your honeymoon, it may be that you want to perform a lot of activities.  You may indulge in a few of these … or do you absolutely nothing at all.  We specialize in all three with our weddings in the Bahamas!

Get an idea of ​​the possibilities

Photograph yourself and, on cloud nine, after you have experienced one of our possible wedding ideas in the Bahamas. You could tie the knot on a pink sand beach or on one of the ‘Out Islands’ after an afternoon of swimming and sunbathing, you can snorkel or scuba dive in the clearest sea in the world.  Then, sundown on the porch of your villa will never taste so delicious again.

Secluded, but with the option of social life

If you can stand it that you have to leave your private kingdom of heaven, stroll to where the locals are and where the wonderful houses with large shingles are. Everyone’s eternal smile after the wedding in the Bahamas! You can pull a few rental bikes or kayaks into consideration that you can rent the next day, and you can still explore everything.

Luxury and entertainment within walking distance `

Weddings in the Bahamas - Paradise

Photo: Reno Curling Photography

Stroll through the colorful straw markets or visit the designer shops of the capital, Nassau. Weddings in the Bahamas can be even better if you can see this in the luxury resorts of Turquoise Cay, Exuma, Valentine’s Resort , Harbor Island, where you can enjoy a couple’s spa treatment in room, on a veranda or in the spa, candlelit dinner and dancing under the stars.

Do let your wedding planner take on the effort

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Photo: Donna Von Bruening

If you want, you can make your wedding preparations in the Bahamas even easier. Our wedding planner can help you in your dream wedding. You might want to celebrate this in the sunset at the beach? Or near the picturesque pillars of the French monastery of the 14th century? Maybe you like so the idea of ​​a party boat, where you can dance the night away? Put yourself in thoughts and we will make you any kind of wedding possible. 

If you still did not decide we are providing to you some hints on it: 

  • Romantics choose to travel to the Islands.
  • Turquoise Cay is your choice.
  • You can have a small Island wedding will all necessary services.  Starting from your arrival to the wedding night.  We provide to you a delicious food, colored cool towels and scrumptious refreshments as well as perfect view from your room.  If you want to organize your dream wedding then Turquoise Cay is your destination to Bahamas Islands.