While You Have Found The Perfect Partner, Now It’s Time to Organize The Perfect Wedding

Unforgettable Bahamas weddings … While you have found the perfect partner and now it is necessary to organize the perfect wedding.

Unforgettable Bahamas Weddings: Imagine

In a beautiful ceremony on the beach you can play barefoot with toes in the soft white, golden or even pink sand.

A gentle breeze will blow over the island and plays around the wedding dress while during the late afternoon sun gives your face a radiant glow. The sensual waves wash while the island like a delicate undertone for every single moment of your beautiful wedding.

Planning Unforgettable Bahamas Weddings

Photo: Valentine’s Resort

Tropical simplicity, a classic of God Serves, a decorated with flower-filled pavilion or the splendor of a ballroom – professional wedding planners ensure that your wedding dream come true. With great attention to detail your own personal, perfect ceremony is done, no matter if it comes to a wedding, renewal of wedding promise or even a marriage proposal.

The islands of the Bahamas offer in any case the perfect backdrop for your special moment.

Valentine’s Resort is still a luxurious haven in a European style, where guests are treated royally. The resort which is chosen by readers and considered by visitors as one of the most elegant Caribbean resorts … perfect for unforgettable Bahamas weddings.

Planning Unforgettable Bahamas Weddings

Photo: Mario Nixon Photography

Seductive, white sandy beaches and crystal clear water swirl around tropical gardens and opulent suites, some of them the size of private villas that offer any kind of comfort, even a private butler service.

The Bahamian architecture embodies the warmth of the islands, while the somewhat secluded Harbour Island with its absolute privacy radiates an aura of peace and tranquility.

Only this Resort gives you two vacations in one: The price includes the use of a private offshore island, which can be reached in a few minutes. Beaches, an elegant Beach Club, a unique swimming pool, a nearby exquisite Spa and a great fish restaurant are available. Culinary dreams come true in the ten first-class resort restaurants. At Valentine’s Resort you find special elegance in the Island for unforgettable Bahamas weddings.

Unforgettable Bahamas Weddings: Why the Valentine’s Resort?

Planning Unforgettable Bahamas Weddings

Photo: Mario Nixon Photography

Valentine’s Resort is just the thing if you’re looking for a wonderful place to relax, which gives you two vacations in one: both the carefree stay in a modern and as historic resort with distinctive elegance, as well as the adventure in an exotic offshore island. And with every imaginable luxury for unforgettable Bahamas weddings..

With the most popular beaches of Nassau and the exclusive cottage suites in the Harbor Island, this resort is considered one of the most elegant resort in the Caribbean, including the ultimate “royal treatment” our guests the suites of the highest category.

Your offshore island

Only a few minutes by sailboat or kayak you can visit many beautiful places.

Feel at home in a romantic paradise with pool, Jacuzzi, swim-up bar, restaurants, spa treatments and relaxation areas, an exquisite Beach Club and many romantic corners as “stranded”.


Exclusive dishes and perfect white-glove service await you in the restaurant. This incomparable gourmet restaurant is reserved for guests of the suites of the highest category and included in the price for this. For a fee, it can also be reserved by all other guests. Of course, nine other restaurants our guests are free to choose.

Other resort amenities

  • Considered most elegant resort hotel in Island
  • Offshore Island Adventure; Two holidays in one
  • Seven pools, six whirlpools, waterfalls, misting pool
  • Private transfers to selected suite
  • In the suites of the highest category provides you with a personal butler available
  • Voted Best Spa Resort “Caribbean

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