Exceeding Your Expectation of Paradise

Luxury Bahamas Wedding Planners & Designers

The Islands of The Bahamas.

A Dream Come True



Palm trees and chandeliers.


Pristine, clear waters and bright blooms.


Tropical in the most glamorous of ways. With so many luxury details steeped in tradition and beauty.


You can almost feel the cool breezes and your toes in the sand as you say I do to your best friend. With the people you love most there to support and celebrate with you.


All of the luxury. All of the beauty. All of the love.

In this paradise they call The Bahamas

It’s going to be a dream come true.

But what if it’s not?

What if:

The private island you were promised, is not so private after all?

That plane loaded with your flowers?.... Delayed.

There's no backup plan in place and the weather takes an unexpected turn.

What if the luxurious Bahamas wedding getaway that you've been planning doesn't go according to plan?

Can you imagine?

You’ve spent
months planning
this luxurious
Bahamas wedding
But what if
it’s all chaos
and catastrophe?
Can you just imagine?
Welcome To Chic Bahamas Weddings And Events

I'm Marva.
It's so lovely to meet you!

This day happens once, and you’re investing a lot of time, money, and heart into this luxury experience.

And you may be a bit overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. It can be nerve-wracking and stressful planning a destination wedding from afar.

Not to worry, dear. The Bahamas is my home.

And as they say,
an ocean breeze puts a mind at ease.

I love putting your mind at ease and being a blessing to you in every way. And I have spent the last 20+ years and over 300 weddings and events, earning the trust and respect of some of the top professionals in the industry, by doing just that.


I have extensive hospitality experience, and I’ve traveled to exotic destinations – experiencing first hand the luxury and service you are looking for. So you can rest assured that with my knowledge, connections, and hands-on experience, you will get nothing short of superb service.

All the planning, all the hard work, and all the dreaming will be worth it!


Because together we’ll execute this beautiful Bahamian dream of yours, (whatever that may look like for you) in a far less stressful manner.


Even from afar.

“Marva is the one-stop-shop of relief and ease when planning your wedding in the Bahamas. Marva listens, is organized and proactive, knows loads of vendors and just gets it, all while being professional, accommodating and confident in her stellar connections and event planning abilities.”- Jennifer D.
A Journey You Can Trust

Choosing a destination wedding is a splendid way to start your life together, at least in my opinion.


And yes, long-distance planning requires a lot of blind faith. Which is why it’s always an honor when someone puts that faith in me.

I love helping people visualize their wedding dreams and then making them come true. Quite honestly, that is a dream come true for me.

Here are the first four steps on the journey to your dream:
Let’s begin our time together with a phone call to get to know one another. This call will set the foundation for us and will begin building the trust that I hope to earn from you. I’m always so grateful for your time…
I’ll answer all your questions as I gently lay out the facts. And I’ll offer an unbiased, professional opinion on anything you may need. You will find that I have a very calm, collective nature – and I love to help!
I’ll take it all in: Who you are, how you two met, and what your vision is. I’ll paint the full picture of your dream in my mind. And I’ll send over a customized proposal tailored to your needs and who you are.
I’ll take you by the hand (from afar) to direct you. I’ll provide you with a detailed planning schedule that guides you through the process. And I’ll share access to our timeline app so you always know where things stand!
All in all, I want you to have a day and an experience that is truly divine. And I will go to just about any length to be sure that is what you get.
And, that my dear, is a promise you can trust.

“We felt completely at ease from the very first time we spoke with Marva. She took our dream and made it a reality. Every single detail was more than perfect. The food, flowers, designs, photographer, music…everything was more than we could have wished for! It truly was a dream! ” -Taylor W.

Pure Tropical Perfection.
It’s such a thrill to plan and execute weddings for such lovely couples.
All of the provoked smiles and happy tears.
It brings my heart so much joy.
Joy that I’d like to share with you now, displayed Bahamas-style.
Cheers to sweet couples on sandy beaches, who took a chance on the Bahamas!

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