10 Unforgettable Beach Renewal of Vows Ideas to Rekindle your Love

Couples decide to renew their wedding vows for many reasons, including celebrating a milestone anniversary, formalizing an elopement or to symbolize the end of a trying time in their marriage. Whatever your reason to renew your vows, make it a truly special event for you, your family, and close friends. Plan a destination celebration in the Bahamas to share your renewed wedding vows. This ceremony may be even better than your original wedding. Imagine recommitting to your spouse on a sandy beach with the sun setting behind you, or surrounded by the lush flowers of a tropical island garden. What could be more romantic?

What Does It Mean to Renew Your Vows?

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When a couple decides to renew their wedding vows, it is a public declaration of their commitment to each other and the promises they made when they were first married. It is also called a reaffirmation ceremony because a couple is reaffirming both their life together and their future.

What Happens During the Ceremony?

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A reaffirmation ceremony isn’t a legal proceeding, so there are really no rules to follow. You can make the event very personal. Although it resembles a wedding ceremony, you have the complete freedom to create the ceremony. Since it is not legally binding, anyone can officiate. Choosing a close friend or family member to lead the ceremony makes it even more personal and involves people you love. Chic Bahamas Weddings can help you plan a ceremony that fits your style and personality.

Who participates in the ceremony is up to you. Including your children and other family members can be a wonderful way to incorporate the changes in your lives since you first exchanged vows. Walk down the aisle as a family, or have your children perform a reading or poem during the ceremony. Playing an instrument or singing a song is another way to include those important to you. Your life has changed since you were first married, and your ceremony will be special if you incorporate those changes.

Ceremony Unity Candle

During the ceremony, you will exchange vows. You may choose to repeat your original vows or write new ones. Writing new vows is a chance for you to really think about your relationship and the changes you have been through over the years. If you are celebrating a milestone anniversary, it may be many years since you were first married and exchanged vows. New vows allow you to reaffirm your commitment to each other in the present, while still respecting the past.

You may want to include something symbolic, like a unity candle. The unity candle symbolizes the joining of two lives into one and the commitment individuals make to join in marriage. The traditional unity candle is one large pillar candle with two taper candles. During the ceremony, the bride and groom each use one of the tapers to light the pillar candle, together. When you renew your vows, you can include several taper candles, one to represent each of your children.

All of you can light the pillar candle as a family.

Sand Ceremony

Another idea would be to take different colors of sand and combine them in a glass bowl. This will also give you a memento of your ceremony and represent the blending of each family member into one beautiful creation.

After exchanging vows, many couples exchange rings. Use your original wedding rings or new rings that symbolize recommitment. If using your original rings, consider adding a new inscription to them to commemorate the day. Be as creative or as traditional as you like with your ceremony. Chic Bahamas Weddings can ensure every detail is just as you want it.

Renewing Your Vows: What Do I Wear?

Renewing your vows in the Bahamas offers flexibility when choosing what to wear. Wear your original wedding gown, a cocktail dress, or something more casual. Remember, there are no rules, so you can celebrate the way you want to.

Renewing Your Vows: What About After the Ceremony?

Traditionally, couples have a reception following the wedding ceremony to celebrate with family and friends. Renewing your wedding vows deserves a party, too. What better place to celebrate than on a warm, tropical beach or lush garden? The Bahamas offers so many locations for your event. Just like the ceremony, what you want is up to you.

Reception Festivities

Chic Bahamas Weddings can help plan an elegant cocktail party and sit-down dinner without the stress, giving you time to relax with your guests.

For a personal touch, include photos from your wedding and family photos throughout your marriage. You may want to include traditions like toasts and dancing. As a special touch, recreate your bridal bouquet or wedding cake to share with your guests.

Who Should We Invite?

The guests list is up to you. Chic Bahamas Weddings & Events partners with you to plan for an intimate gathering of your close family and friends or a party with up to 100 people. From travel arrangements to outings, we make sure your guests are well taken care of and have an incredible time as you renew your vows.

Family and Friends Getaway

A renewal of wedding vows serves as a fun getaway for family and friends. A mini vacation for everyone, extra bonding experiences can be created for all to enjoy.

What About Gifts?

Renewing your vows doesn’t mean renewing your wedding registry. This is a time to celebrate your love and commitment for each other with friends and family. Let your guests know you do not expect gifts. If they are still interested in giving something, suggest they make a donation to your favorite charity.

With over 10 years in planning Bahamas destination weddings, let the experts at Chic Bahamas Weddings & Events take care of your recommitment ceremony. We remember all the details so you don’t have to.

No matter your reason for renewing your vows, we can help design and plan your perfect ceremony. Your personal guide, Marva Munroe, will ensure your Bahamas recommitment ceremony is unforgettable. Let us assist with accommodations, catering, music, photography, invitations, and table design for your ideal celebration.

With Chic Bahamas Weddings & Events taking care of the details, you can celebrate your reaffirmation with your friends and family in the relaxed, romantic atmosphere of the Bahamas. We give you the confidence that your ceremony will be exactly what you want, creating beautiful memories.